Pocket Sized Pep Talks

The Art Of Integrative Productivity

Episode Summary

On a scale from 1 to 10, just how productive are you? That lack of productivity is most likely getting in the way of your business and personal growth. Angela Kristen Taylor joins Pocket Sized Pep Talks with tips to help you to overcome stress & chaos so you can create the life and business you want... and ultimately, the freedom and security you want.

Episode Notes

In this episode of Pocket Sized Pep Talks, we discuss:

  1. The concept of integrative productivity, incorporating the mind and body.
  2. Angela identifies the number one issue that prevents entrepreneurs from achieving optimum productivity.
  3. The art of "Time Journaling" to better identify productivity issues.
  4. A real-world, challenging example that required the use of her methodology.
  5. Something Angela calls “the clutter cycle” and the symptoms we should look for to become more aware we are being affected by it.  
  6. The key to breaking free from "the clutter cycle" and into "productive flow."