Pocket Sized Pep Talks

Digital Transformation In The Workplace, And The Fear That Obstructs It

Episode Summary

Humans are motivated primarily by fear and when you add new technologies and techniques to the mix and you have a catalyst for procrastination, avoidance, pushback, or even sabotage. Speaker, writer, journalist, and university lecturer Steve Prentice sits down with Rob and helps you view change through a better lens – a human lens.

Episode Notes

In this Pocket Sized Pep Talk, you'll learn:

• Humans are driven by fear, particularly fear of change, but Steve feels its roots are much deeper than they appear — particularly when it comes to deploying digital transformation successfully.   

• How to overcome ingrained fear of change and how this fear of change threatens the adoption of new technology.  Steve discusses how do to resolve this.

• The secret of focusing on small wins, and supplying appropriate amounts of support, training, and communication t create Momentum.    

• The expectations of today’s employees and the changes Steve has seen in the past 5 years.  

• The difference in how you address and manage fear of change individually as opposed to a group.

• A few mentors that helped shape Steve's views.


For more information regarding Steve and his book, The Future of Workplace Fear – How Human Reflex Stands in the Way of Digital Transformation

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